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Filename create-mc1.15.2_v0.3.1a.jar
Uploaded by simibubi
Uploaded Apr 3, 2021
Game Version 1.15.2   +1
Size 7.58 MB
Downloads 530,364
MD5 cc666f601e15d07044773a6ac443fc0e
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


Create 0.3.1a

for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.16 "Mandatory post-release patch."

Enhancements, Fixes

  • Placement helper indicator can now be scaled down in the client config
  • Fixed Server-side crash caused by casting ContraptionWorld to ServerWorld
  • Smart Chutes now transfer stacks of 64 when no filter count is assigned
  • Fixed a couple overlooked ponder text issues
  • Fixed weighted ejector not accepting arbitrary gold plates in its recipe
  • Fixed crash opening ponder from screens with an opened recipe book
  • Fixed screens not able to be closed by keybind on non-english keyboards
  • Fixed inconsistent collection behaviour of in-world funnels
  • Fixed schematic and quill not escaping invalid filenames properly
  • Fixed ghost deployer hands appearing around the player
  • Fixed Spawners losing nbt data when moved
  • Fixed inconsistency between block and item model of the furnace engine
  • Fixed crash with the Performant mod when entities are present in a ponder scene

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