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Filename create-mc1.15.2_v0.3.1.jar
Uploaded by simibubi
Uploaded Apr 2, 2021
Game Version 1.15.2   +1
Size 7.58 MB
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MD5 ddf82932a24367d2251b1bf12f1a8c40
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Create 0.3.1

for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.16 "Performance, Presentation, Perfection."


  • Added Smart chutes
  • Added Gantry shafts and Gantry carriages
  • Added the Sticker
  • Added Weighted Ejector
  • Added Honeyed apples
  • Added Sweet rolls
  • Added Chocolate glazed berries
  • Introduced the "Ponder" Tutorial and Documentation System
  • Introduced the "Flywheel" Rendering Backend developed by Jozufozu

Enhancements, Fixes

  • Vertical funnels can no longer transfer between inventories
  • Reworked non-mounted funnels to be consistent will all other funnel configurations
  • Non-mounted funnels can now insert and extract ground items
  • Non-mounted funnels no longer occupy a full block length
  • Dyes can now be used to change the appearance of Mechanical Belts
  • Fluid items containing water can be used to clean dyed belts
  • Deployers now place broken blocks into their internal inventory
  • Deployers can now harvest honey or honeycombs from beehives
  • Pipes can now connect to and drain liquid honey from beehives
  • Slime blocks on a moving Contraption are now bouncy
  • Ice blocks on moving Contraptions are now very slippery
  • Crushing Wheels now work omnidirectionally
  • Drills and other block breakers on contraptions now give up trying to destroy a block when their movement direction is reversed
  • Deployers with a positioned Schematic as their filter will place blocks accordingly, taking items from the contraption inventory
  • Various Adjustments and Fixes to kinetic propagation
  • Updated Goggles item model
  • Updated funnel block models
  • Updated Speed Controller block model
  • Variety of Security patches developed by Pau101
  • Added goggle overlays for fluid tanks, spouts, item drains, and basins
  • Added comparator compat to fluid tanks, spouts, and item drains
  • Refined Placement Assist visuals
  • Added the composter as a mechanical arm interaction point
  • Mechanical Arms now stall targeted belt items
  • Updated redstone contact texture
  • Fixed basin auto-output not working on stopped belts
  • Basin auto-output can now share a space with funnels
  • Fixed chutes not able to output partial stacks
  • Thrown chromatic products are now gravity-less
  • Ploughs can now harvest snow layers
  • Linear Chassis now connect to each other in any direction
  • Fixed honey bottles on belt/depots not rendering upright
  • Added attribute filter for dyed items
  • Fixed saws and drains ejecting items when mounted funnel is backstuffed
  • Fixed some tunnel distribution inconsistencies
  • Front face of crafters now supports automatic item insertion
  • Added running particles when sprinting on contraptions
  • Fixed fake players being able to sit on seats
  • Added step sound when walking on contraptions
  • Goggle overlays now use a localized number format
  • Large cogs can no longer be placed right next to crafters or millstones
  • Fixed Minecart Contraptions started on a powered rail facing in unwanted directions
  • Fixed powered rail Cart Assemblers not respecting the solid block rule of powered rails
  • Fixed Minecart contraption items not facing away from the player when placed
  • Pressing recipes on belts now take probabilities into account
  • Adjusted Brass Tunnels to better deal with non-complete item transferrals
  • Using sponge on a basin will remove any liquids
  • More blocks are now usable by placement assist
  • Added attribute filter conditions for enchantment levels
  • Sequenced Gearshifts can now be told to wait for an additional pulse
  • Include a warning when joining a world while fabulous graphics are enabled
  • Fixed placement assist not playing sounds
  • Windmill bearings now have a configurable minimum of sail blocks
  • Fixed Blockzapper issues with FTBChunks
  • Tweaked belt animation speed to match item movement speed
  • Funnels can now extract items when part of a contraption
  • Fixed Schematicannon clearing blocks outside of a Schematics' bounding box
  • Encased chain drives are less likely to create a kinetic source loop when wrenched
  • Piston and Pulley contraptions are less likely to overshoot targets at high speeds
  • Bearing contraptions will disassemble when their anchor is rotated by wrench
  • Bearings, Pistons and other Movement Anchors now display reasons why its contraption could not be assembled
  • Chutes now display contents in their goggle overlay
  • Fixed Encased Fans not providing kinetic power after being moved by contraption
  • Fixed occasional lack of backface culling for UI items
  • Sticky Mechanical Pistons now drag attached structures with them
  • Mechanical piston heads and poles now drag their entire piston multiblock with them
  • Mechanical Arms and Wrenches can no longer be assigned to filter slots directly
  • Mechanical arms no longer arbitrarily wait between operations unless targets are overflowing
  • Added some safety layers for nbt assigned to blocks by Schematics
  • Redstone links can now be placed onto any non-empty space
  • Kinetic animations now pause while the game is paused
  • Added Crushing recipe for the AE2 fluix crystal
  • Removed a couple outdated compatibility recipes
  • Mechanical Saws can now process recipes of the Druidcraft woodcutter
  • Now using generic item tags for Blockzapper Upgrade recipes
  • Gave indicators on funnels better visibility
  • Fixed directionality of horizontally placed crushing wheels.
  • Spectating Players can no longer interact with in-world interfaces
  • Fixed uvs on Deployer model
  • Contraptions no longer calculate entity vs fluid block interactions
  • Allowed downwards crushers to deposit directly into belts/chutes/depots and such below.
  • Allowed horizontal crushers to take input from belts going below them.
  • Allowed horizontal crushers to deposit directly into belts/chutes/depots and such placed below, offset by one in the output direction.
  • Crushers stall when they have a valid output block but cannot actually output.
  • Crushers outputting in any direction except down will shoot out the item entities with some speed.
  • Fix 'sticky' block connectivity on Contraptions
  • Contraptions now use block palettes to save their structure
  • Added support for PUSH_ONLY movement behaviour on Contraptions
  • Rope Pulleys no longer break bedrock when placing their rope
  • Fixed a de-sync issue with filter slots
  • Added "/create util replaceInCommandBlocks" for map-making purposes
  • Added "/create clone" to clone structures including super glue
  • Added client config to disable placement helpers
  • Optimizations for block gathering when Contraption assemble
  • Fixed Speedometer/Stressometer gauges not rendering behind doors
  • Superglue no longer gums up spawn packets
  • Hand cranks can now be used with non-empty hands
  • Added Server side validation for Extendo Grip and Contraption interaction packets
  • Fixed Stabilized Contraptions able to move further bearing blocks
  • Prevented super glue from being placed on already sticky faces
  • Fixed Fistbumping Deployers not able to do their work
  • Fixed Item Duplication caused by Sand Paper
  • Fixed Item Duplication caused by Chutes
  • Fixed Item Duplication caused by Portable Storage Interfaces
  • Fixed Duplication of Cart Assemblers
  • Attribute filter screen now displaces jei bookmarks and items
  • Schematic table screen now displaces jei bookmarks and items
  • Moved towards more compatible world gen
  • Removed old tooltips overlapping with ponder content
  • Added generic fan stream, fluid pool and bracketing advancement triggers making custom advancements easier
  • Adjusted tooltip presentation for more visual consistency
  • Custom cogwheels can now be added more easily by add-ons
  • Contraption types can now be added more easily by add-ons

1.16 only

  • Added Create stone to basestoneoverworld block tag
  • All blocks tagged as campfires are now valid smoke sources
  • Fixed worldgen not following the intended registry workflow


  • zh_tw Added by dunois
  • es_es Added by FrannDzs, muriplz
  • de_de Updated by SaurierZockt, DreiMu, muffinbarde, Peatral
  • zh_cn Updated by TUsama, MacrousHyucen, Snownee, BigDaleAHA
  • it_it Updated by Chexet48
  • es_mx Updated by JohanIvan
  • fr_fr Updated by dindin-glitch
  • ja_jp Updated by CKenJa, RakuGaki-MC
  • ru_ru Updated by pgkrol, Alepod-

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