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Filename create-mc1.14.4_v0.2.3.jar
Uploaded by simibubi
Uploaded May 9, 2020
Game Version Forge
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Create 0.2.3  for Minecraft 1.14.4

Bug-Fixes and a few little additions. Have fun!


- Added superglue, an alternative to chassis blocks

- Added the Mechanical Plough

- Chassis range visualization now uses the new outline particle

- Written Schematics can now be re-used in Schematic Tables

- Schematic and Quill selection is now smoother and more precise

- Schematics no longer re-render their preview every time they are re-positioned

- Schematic tools now move, rotate or flip the schematic more smoothly

- Fixed Schematics not rendering TileEntities in their preview

- Fixed inconsistent shifting when rotating Schematics with an "odd by even" size

- Schematics can now include entities

- Schematicannons can now print several types of static entities, such as boats, minecarts or item frames

- The creative crate is back on the menu

- Schematicannons can now place belts safely

- Fixed duplication issue with Schematic tables

- Removed invalid Schematic item from creative tab

- Kinetic networks are now aware of movement, such as NBT-item placement, schematic placement and other means of tileentity movement and will reset/reconnect

- Fixed pistons/bearings/etc not being movable by chassis

- Fixed pistons/bearings/etc moving a clone of themselves when attached to the initial block

- Fixed pistons/bearings/etc stopping or losing their structure when loaded incorrectly

- Pulleys can now be moved while extended, moving attached ropes and their own attached structure with them

- Brittle blocks such as ladders/torches/etc can no longer be moved unless their attached block is moved

- Fixed mechanical pistons messing up their kinetic information when changing into a different extension state.

- Fixed inconsistent belt initialization when belts are placed by schematics or structures, causing them to break at random

- Clutches and Gearshifts now await their turn to re-attach when changed, allowing multiple to be used in a network and swapped within one tick without causing components to break.

- Pistons no longer get blocked by their push limit if the blocks pushed are attached to each other

- Fixed Sequenced Gearshift crashing when removing instructions while active

- Fixed deployer not being able to interact with non-living entities

- Chassis range display no longer shows the overlay for non-sticky directions

- Fixed adjustable pulley popping off due to floating point precision issues

- Redstone links no longer cause a redstone update when loaded in

- Redstone links no longer mess up windmill bearings on chunk reload

- Fixed toggle latch acting strangely with input signals

- Fixed inconsistent funnel activation when items are inserted on the same segment

- Fixed redstone links not working properly after movement in a contraption

- Reworked the advancement tree

- Fixed misplaced client code introduced by a ScreenOpener hotfix

- Slots for chance outputs now have a slighly different appearance in JEI

- Filter output amounts can no longer be increased beyond the stack limit

- Fixed flexcrate interface crashing if the block gets removed while open

- Some additions/modifications in texture assets

- Visual rework to Schematic items and their interface

- Fixed typo in Mechanical Press tooltip

- Added missing stonecutter recipe for polished dark scoria blocks

- added ko_kr localization by qkrehf2

- Added it_it localization by Masterlupo

- Mounted Drills now briefly stall a contraption after breaking a block below falling blocks (sand, gravel, etc)

- Mechanical Saws can now harvest Bamboo, Chorus, Kelp, Sugar Cane, Cactus, Melons and Pumpkins

- Fixed harvester position inconsistency when moved vertically

- Fixed saws/drills not hurting entities in some cases

- Fixed saws/drill throwing back hurt entities in weird directions

- Minecart assemblers can now be configured to 3 different rotation modes

- Minecarts with mounted contraptions can now be picked up as an item

- Furnace Minecarts can now be used in the cart assembler

- Fixed displaced coords between contraptions and their mounts, should fix cart structures from disappearing when loaded near chunk borders

- Contraptions no longer render with default yaw if their mount is out of render distance

- Fixed drills and saws throwing entities back by unreasonable distances

- Drills now break columns of falling blocks from top to bottom while moved

- Schematicannons with creative crates no longer require gunpowder to operate

- Creative crates can now be used for infinite item supply and voiding

- Condensed mechanical crafting into one JEI page category, scaling down slots if necessary

- Fixed ploughs trying to break water blocks

- Fixed stationary contraptions getting nudged around by expiring farmland blocks

- Shulker boxes can now be used as portable storage on contraptions

- Added vertical rotation support to buttons, levers

- Fixed certain directional blocks flipping around inconsistently when contraptions rotate by 180 degrees

- Vertical belts no longer pop when rotated horizontally

- Fans, RSCs, basins, stockpile switches, gauges, engines, cranks and many other blocks can now be moved in a contraption

- Cocoa pods can now be harvested by harvesters

- Most of creates technical blocks can now be picked up using a wrench

- Fixed Stockpile switch not reacting to movement.

- Fixed Stockpile switch not reacting to changes to a double container

- Fixed blazing sword taking damage in the nether

- Fixed blazing sword not igniting entities

- Fixed stack overflow when overpowering a RSC from both inputs

- Fixed duplication glitch caused by the deployer

- Fixed crafters not able to return multiple buckets


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