Using brass you are able to upgrade your copper backtank to a jetpack, using the pressurized air inside to propel yourself through the air.

Inspired by Simply Jetpacks, this jetpack also has a hover mode.

Like the copper backtank, the jetpack does also go in the chest slot, feeds air to items like the extendo-grip and can be enchanted with Capacity. Just like the backtank it is charged by placing it down and supplying it with rotational force.


When underwater while sprint-swimming, the jetpack boosts your swimming speed. Additionally, the hover-mode prevents you from floating downwards.

Underwater Usage

If a mod similar to Elytra Slot, which enables equipping an elytra in addition to a chestplate, the jetpack will instead give you firework-like boost while the player is pressing the UP-key.

Elytra Support