Create Automated

269,788 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +2

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Create Automated allows automating items previously not automatable and adds ways of automating some of the ones that already are

This mod will constantly expand with new features

Current features:

  • Ore Extractor: Allows extracting from nodes found in the world, but requires a large amount of stress capacity
  • Picker: Allows picking tiny bits from materials
  • Sponge sails (lava and water): Allow changing air flows without fluids


  • JEI: Extracting and picking recipes have JEI categories
  • CraftTweaker: Recipe builders for extracting and picking recipes
    • ContentTweaker: Allows adding custom drill heads for extractors
  • KubeJS (1.1.0+): Allows adding extracting and picking recipes and adding drill heads


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