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Adds cravings for random food items. Eating a desired food can give the player benefits.



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What is a craving?

A craving is a random desire to eat a certain food. This mod adds this concept to Minecraft. Every MC day, a player has a random chance of getting a new craving. When a craving is acquired, the player has a set amount of time to fulfill this food craving. If the player can do this successfully they get a reward, if they don't they get a debuff.


What can be configured?

This mod is designed to be adaptable for any modpack. Because of this, there are a lot of configurable options. The following is a list of configurable things.

  • Whether or not players get a reward for completing a craving, or a punishment for not.
  • The chance of a player getting a craving.
  • The amount of time a player has to fulfill the craving.
  • The amount of time before the next attempt to give the player a craving.
  • The list of possible potion rewards.
  • The list of possible potion punishments.


How is the pool of food chosen?

The mod currently only has "lazy" configuration implemented. This configuration mode will search through the item registry for possible foods, and use them as the pool. This mode is meant to be for quick and easy play with the mod, and for proof of concept. Future versions of the mod will allow food items to be specified using CraftTweaker scripts, and provide support for new types of cravings.

This mod was designed with adaptability in mind, so it's possible for a wide range of new craving types to be added. For example, a craving could give the player some mana if they satisfy it, or spawn a mod if they don't. Cravings could also be made to fit within a GameStage system, so new cravings unlock as the player progresses through the game.


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