Crafting Redstone

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Crafting Redstone



    Crafting Redstone is a mod all about being able to craft Redstone in Minecraft. This is in no way meant to replace the ability to go and mine Redstone but to be more of an addon. While being able to craft Redstone is the main feature it however isn't the only main feature of the mod. This mod now includes a new tool and armor set, to help you along on your adventures. The mod originally was just made so you could only craft Redstone but with recent updates, it has been decided upon to add more into the mod and make it larger and better than its previous versions. The mod is still very much a work in progress so there will be many more updates to come. Not everything is final but in its current stage, it is ready to be used in survival.



  •  Craftable Redstone
  •  New Tool Set - 1.12.2
  •  New Armor Set - 1.12.2
  •  New Textures - 1.12.2



This mod may be used in mod packs. Please make sure to give credit for the mod.

If you can, please message GoldenEliteGaming first.


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