Craftable Enchants

5,753 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 30, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5




This is my first mod, of craftable enchantment books!

It is pretty much self explanatory, it allows you to craft enchantment books, which you can then put onto your tools and armor with an anvil.

When you have crafted a book, you have the option to Shift + Click (while looking at ground) to recieve the book, or you can upgrade it to a Plus Enchant.

*Please note that for enchantments with levels, e.g. Unbreaking, only the maximum level has a recipie, so Unbreaking III will have a recipie, but Unbreaking II wont.* 


Plus Enchantments:


"Plus Enchantments" is a feature where you can use your crafted books to create even bigger enchants.

All plus enchantments are double the amount of the orignal enchant (e.g Efficiency V X, Protection IV VIII)

To make a plus enchant, use a crafted book of the enchantment you want, and combine it with a netherite ingot to make the Plus Enchant.