This project is not maintained any longer! Feel free to fork the repo and continue.


Zombies in the daytime! Zombies are everywhere, be careful. Sort of an adventure mod. The zombies will attack players, chickens and pigs.  The vanilla Minecraft zombies/pigzombies are disabled, but can be enabled in the config file with a text editor. When spawning the player will be given a random type sword for protection. That option can be disabled in the config if you're really hard core.

Added PigZombies. Watch out, they're bad! No really. There are config options to disable the cracked pig zombies. Also the vanilla pig zombies are disabled by default. You can enable them again if you like in the config.

The zombies should be able to spawn in any biome derived from the BiomeGenBase class. Zombies should spawn in biomes created by ExtraBiomesXL or Biomes O Plenty for instance.

I recommend creating a world with these presets if you want a real zombie apocalypse adventure.
2;7,56x1,5x3,2;6;biome_1,decoration,lake, lava_lake
This is a swamp world similar to Swampcore, only deeper. You can mine ore here. Using the CrackedZombie defaults you will have to contend with many walkers and spiders. Want some bad weather to go along?
/weather thunder 100000
should do it. Oh, and watch out for the witch. With a little luck you can find a witches hut for shelter on your first night.


Modpacks: You may use my mods in your modpacks. I would appreciate credit for my mod.