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This mod adds coupons for various interactions.

The coupons can be obtained from trading with Wandering Traders. (You can configure which coupons are obtainable from trading in the config)

  • Crafting Coupon: When in inventory while crafting returns one of the items that got used while crafting. (unless it's a container)
  • Furnace Coupon: Smelts 1 item for free.
  • Villager Coupon: Temporarily makes a villager cheaper.
  • Potion Coupon: Can be used as a water bottle replacement for one free brew of choice.
  • Loot Coupon: Doubles the loot of the mob it's applied to. (Unless the mob is blacklisted or bossDoubling is disabled in config)
  • Experience Coupon: 1 free experience level.



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