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Welcome to my mod, I'm happy you clicked it!

As a player that look a lot at mods, I know that no one will download it without pictures. so before the showcase, I'll show you a picture of all the armors in the images tab





Explanation about the armors (from left down until right up):

1.Jesse: the clothes of Jesse from Story Mode, no hair because I tried it and it was awful.

2.Notch: Notch's clothes, same reason about the beard.

3.DoctorGrass: my own skin. It was the whole the mod until I decided to make more armors.

4.Bob the builder: don't ask. my head was missing ideas.

5. DanTDM: Dan's clothes.

6. DanTDM's dab police shirt.

7.Troll:Head and clothes of a Minecraft common troll skin. Has no shoes, please use DoctorGrass's shoes. They are same.

8, 9. Sort of add-ons to the troll. hacker mask and Mumbo Jumbo's hair and mustache.

10. The Joker's clothes.

11. Husk Clothes.

12. Stray Clothes.

13. Superman's suit, no hair.

14. Jeb's clothes, including the weird tiara.

15. Full ninja clothes, the head looks like a hijab.

16. Ginger bread man, full armor.

15. Spiderman, eyes are white but half-invisible for good look.

16. Deadpool, same ad spiderman.

 17. The beast from "The Beauty and The Beast".

18. Super Mario.

19. Mickey Mouse.

20. Sully from Monsters Inc.

21. A bear.

22. MagmaMusen's mask for the suit of the hacker.

23. Pinkshseep.

24. Wreck-It Ralph.

25. Messi.

26. A zookeeper.



Tip: If you look for specific armor, search it in the search bar! In 1.12.2


Plans for future: 99% of what you say. Seriously. 

PM me or comment or post in the suggestions channel in our Discord if you have a good idea for an armor!


Made with MCreator. for the 1.12.2 version then moved away from mcreator for the 1.16.5 version


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