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Welcome to The Cosmere!


The Cosmere is a universe devised by Brandon Sanderson, encompassing many worlds, each with their own variation of magic. This mod aims to bring all of that to Minecraft itself... eventually.

This is a library mod! Download the addons you're interested in:

This mod serves as a library mod that ties several sub mods together. Alone, this mod will only generate ores in your world. Make sure you also download any (or all) or the sub mods below!






Current (partially implemented) Features

There are currently several powers from Scadrial, the planet from the Mistborn series:

Become a Misting or Mistborn! Consume certain types of metals based on the power you start with and burn it to access your allomantic ability!

The End-Neutral art, where you get out what you put in! If you have access to feruchemical abilities, that is.

Twinborn & Compounding!
The place where the powers of allomancy and feruchemy meet.

Still not enough? Well there's always the third metallic art of Scadrial...

Sand Mastery!
Of course, if the manipulation of white sand at the cost of the user's internal water supply sounds more your speed, then by all means, try Sand Mastery.

Planned Features

Surgebinding - The Stormlight Archive
Earn the trust and respect of one of the Radiant spren in order to gain access to the ranks of the Knights Radiant.

AonDor - Elantris
Find a way to gain access to the powers of the Planet Sel and gain access to a more advanced magic.

Awakening - Warbreaker
The art of combining color, Biochromatic Breath and an awakening command in order to animate an object.

New Dimensions
Perhaps the cognitive realm may interest you... Better find the nearest perpendicularity!

Inter-Mod Compatibilities

(Required!) CuriosAPI - because there's always another secret™

JEI - because recipes are forever plentiful and who wants to have to google them all the time.

Jade - Going to be including ways to get more info out of what you're looking at!

Patchouli - because I love well done in-game wiki/guidance. Not yet finished but the hemalurgy section is pretty comprehensive.

Got something to say?

Consider dropping by the discord server dedicated to this mod!


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