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Corpse Complex!

Corpse Complex is a mod that adds a variety of configuration options to the Minecraft death system. Currently, it provides options to control inventory loss, experience loss, hunger values, and respawn potion effects, as well as support for many mods.


All configuration options are available both through the config file ("corpsecomplex.cfg") and the in-game config GUI.


All of the categories can be disabled/enabled in any combination. By default, all of the modules are disabled so you can choose which specific features and options you want enabled.

InventoryConfiguration Options

Control what happens to your inventory when you die, plus optionally adds a new Soulbinding enchantment to help you keep your special gear.

Effects Configuration Options

Apply potion effects to players on respawn, including a new customizable effect, Memento Mori, that can modify any attribute.

Experience - Configuration Options

Control experience loss and experience orb generation.

HungerConfiguration Options

Control what happens to your hunger level when you die and respawn.

Respawning - Configuration Options

Disable bed spawns or grant players a scroll to return them to their death location.

Supported Mods

Configuration OptionsMod Inventories - Mod Stats


Fully tested, compatible mods include:

Modpack Policy

Anyone is free to include this mod in their modpacks without notice or permission. If it's a public modpack, notice would be appreciated but not required as I'd be interested in checking it out.