Core Ascension

363 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Core Ascension adds a variety of things, from tools and armor sets, to dimensions, to decrafting recipes, and more.



The 1.16.5 version of this mod was made in MCreator.



  • 2 new dimensions; the Skylands and the Nether Core.
  • 4 new biomes in the Overworld: Cedar Grove, TropicsDread, and Gem Land.
  • 6 new biomes to the game, but these only generate in the Skylands:
  • Dark Matter, Ancient, Ethereal Glade, Psychedelic Fields, Cloud Mountains and Spooky Woods.
  • 4 new enchantments; Stepping (2 levels), Molten Touch (1 level), Repelling (2 levels), and Experience Boost (3 levels).
  • Stepping can be applied to boots only, and it allows the player to step up blocks at levels 1 and 2, and walk on liquids at level 2. (Level 1 of this enchantment does not function if Environmental or Artifacts are installed.)
  • Molten Touch is essentially autosmelt.
  • Repelling can only be applied to chestplates, and it causes any attacker to be launched into the air.
  • Experience Boost causes ores to drop additional XP orbs (1 per level of the enchantment).
  • 5 new armor sets; Obsidian, Tadanite, Lumite, Sapphire, and Crystal.
  • Obsidian must be crafted from Obsidian Ingots (smelted Obsidian) and Obsidian Constructs (1 per piece). An Obsidian Construct is crafted like this:

Obsidian Construct recipe

  • Tadanite is upgraded from Netherite using Tadanite Diamonds; Tadanite is very rare in the Nether (in the houses that now generate there), or common in the Nether Core.
  • Lumite is upgraded from Tadanite using Lumite Constructs (more on that later)
  • Sapphire is found in the Skylands, and has less durability than Diamond armor, but more efficiency.
  • Crystal armor is upgraded from Sapphire using Nether Crystals from the Nether Crystal Caves biome. This armor set has unique effect; the helmet grants Night Vision, the chestplate grants Resistance, the leggings grant Jump Boost, and the boots grant Speed. Each piece of Crystal Armor requires a different type of Nether Crystal, but any crystal can repair any piece.
  • 4 toolsets to go with the 4 armor sets (Obsidian Tools require Diamonds instead of Sticks, Tadanite Tools are upgraded from Netherite Tools using Tadanite Diamonds at a Smithing Table, and Lumite Tools are ugraded from Tadanite Tools using Lumite Constructs at a Smithing Table).
  • The Catalyzer! This is a new crafting station that allows you to convert various items into other items; more info on the specific recipes a little later (It also has JEI support).
  • A way to mine Bedrock; this is done using the Bedrock Pickaxe, and you craft this with 3 Bedrock (or Bedrock 2, or a mix) and 2 Frozen Rods. Frozen Rods are crafted like this:

Frozen Rod recipe


  • The /q command. This instantly kills you, with a unique (and sometimes mildly funny) death message. There are currently 40 unique messages. It will, however, cause your items to drop if keepInventory is not enabled.
  • A stone-tier multitool, The Tool, allows you to perform surface excavation rapidly.
  • The Enchantment Relocator; this station allows you to transfer an enchantment from an item to a book, leaving the item unenchanted.

Enchantment Relocator

Enchantment Relocator demonstration


Catalyzer in-world

Catalyzer Crafting interface




To get to the Skylands, you need to craft a Skylands Waynode, and right click it on a Glowstone Portal frame. Craft a Skylands Waynode like this:

Skylands Waynode recipe

The Skylands can be a very dangerous place, as it generates similarly to the End, with 6 unique biomes (currently; more biomes are planned). Be careful when crossing the gaps between islands! Sapphire also exclusively generates here in the Skylands, and can be used for tools and armor. There is also Titanium Ore, which can be made into blocks that change color when near a heat source. The Dark Matter biome is the only place Dark Matter Jellyfish spawn, and these mobs are the only way to obtain Player Pistons, which push the player in any direction with varying force depending on how much redstone power is given to them. Player Pistons are crafted like this:

Player Piston recipe



Nether Core

To get to the Nether Core, you need to craft a Nether Core Key, and right click it on a Nether Ice Portal frame. Nether Ice is crafted like this:

Nether Ice recipe

The Nether Core Key is crafted like this:

Nether Core Key recipe


A Nether Core Key is crafted from 8 Nether Ice and a Dragon Egg in the middle. (The Dragon Egg is also now craftable from 8 Blocks of Zircon and 1 Compressed Obsidian.) In the Nether Core, you will find Eskimo Zombies (which are NOT passive) and Ice Cubes, as well as Ghasts. There are 5 biomes in the Nether Core: Soul Snow Flats, Desert, Salt Terraces, Core Grove, and a biome with no special things. In the Forest biome, a lot of Soul Snow generates, which speeds the player up when walked on. Also be careful of freezing to death in the Molten Ice; it deals a little less damage than lava in the Nether or Overworld, but also slows the player down quite a bit. Don't place water in the Nether Core either, because it will instantly freeze into Perma Ice.



- Obsidified Blaze Rods are crafted like this:

Obsidified Blaze Rod recipe

- Tadanite Diamonds are crafted like this:

Tadanite Diamond recipe

- Lumite Constructs are crafted like this:

Lumite Construct recipe

Catalytic Inverters are catalyzed like this:

Catalytic Inverter recipe




Uranium Ore has been added to the Nether, which can be found in the Basalt Deltas, exposed to air. This ore can be used to craft a Pickaxe, an Axe, and a Sword.

Uranium Pickaxe
The Uranium Pickaxe functions as a normal pickaxe with one exception: if you hold your sneak key while mining an ore block, it will vein mine that ore in a 7x7x7 area.

Uranium Axe
The Uranium Axe functions as a normal axe with one exception: if you hold your sneak key while mining a log block, it will treecapitate the surrounding area.

Uranium Sword
When hitting a living entity with the Uranium Sword, a small explosion will result, granting a brief Resistance effect to the player and dealing damage to anything in a small radius. This explosion does not destroy tiles.



Scythes have been added to the game; these deal no damage to any living entity, but when used on tallgrass or a leaf block, it will destroy any of these block types within a 5 block radius. Keep in mind that when using these, the blocks will NOT drop anything. You can also sneak while using a scythe to destroy any flower blocks in the same radius (as well as any tallgrass or leaf blocks).

To craft a Scythe, simply put 3 of the material and 2 Sticks like this (except for the Netherite, Tadanite, and Lumite Scythes, which are crafted at the Smithing Table):

Scythe recipe


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