Corail Tombstone

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Recipe : Upgraded Grave Key

You can upgrade the Grave Key to be able to teleport to your grave.

Recipe : Scroll of Recall

The scroll of recall allows to teleport to a decorative grave.

Tombstone Advancements

Anvil Inscription

Combine a grave plate with an iron ingot in the anvil to set a name on the plate

Engraved plate

Anvil recipe for the engraved plate

Grave with inscription

Using an engraved plate on a decorative grave will display the name

Grave in snow

grave in snow with old texture for dirt

Dark Simple Grave

crafting recipe

White Simple Grave

crafting recipe

Dark Normal Grave

crafting recipe

White Normal Grave

crafting recipe

Dark Cross Grave

crafting recipe

White Cross Grave

crafting recipe

Dark Tombstone

crafting recipe

White Tombstone

crafting recipe

Dark Subaraki's Grave Model

crafting recipe

White Subaraki's Grave Model

crafting recipe

Dark Original Grave

crafting recipe

White Original Grave

crafting recipe


Compendium : Halloween

Knowledge of Death

Compendium : Knowledge of Death

Config : Grave Plate

Config in game for plate settings

Knowledge of Death gui

gui in game to select the perks

Grave Guardian

In 1.16.5+, rarely, a Grave Guardian may appear near a decorative grave

Trades with Grave Guardian

The Grave Guardian is a merchant and can trade with players

Colored Fog

Miscellaneous Config in Game

Halloween Ghost

Favorite Grave Config

Decorative graves

Halloween Decorations

Knowledge Reward

Cross Grave & Inscription

Grave Marble Recipe

Strange Scroll Recipe

Strange Tablet Recipe

Scroll of Knowledge Recipe

Scroll of Preservation Recipe

Tablet of Assistance Recipe

Tablet of Recall Recipe

Enchanted Grave's Key Recipe

Magic circle