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Filename tombstone-3.5.2-1.13.jar
Uploaded by Corail_31
Uploaded May 30, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
Size 755.76 KB
Downloads 2,421
MD5 0b733471f59c4a08472af51ab25e57a6
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions
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Java 8


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.13.2
Minecraft Version = [1.13.2] - Forge Version [25.0.174+]
Latest : 3.5.2 - Recommended : 3.5.2

Changes 3.5.2 :

  • allows the command reviveFamiliar, when there're no backups, to fallback to revive a familiar from a receptacle in the player's inventory
  • the custom damage (related to lost tablets & receptacle) is reduced based on the level in knowledge of death (your total perk points)
  • decorative graves require a ground for placement
  • the duration of the buff, sometimes given by the prayer, is scaled on the cooldown to pray again
  • minimizes the nbt sent to client for the familiar receptacle
  • prevents the custom description of tombstone's enchantments to be searcheable in JEI

Changes 3.5.1 :

  • config to allow to backup the dead familiars (allowing the command to revive them)
  • config for a blacklist of creatures not capturable in receptacle (+ event in api)
  • the ingredient for the crafting recipe for the enchanted key uses now the itemTag "tombstone:enchanted_grave_key_ingredients" (allowing to replace it with json) (#54)
  • the ankh can only be used in right hand, and prevent to pray with a receptacle in offhand if the condition doesn't fit

Changes 3.5.0 :

  • new item Familiar Receptacle allowing to capture the soul of a dead familiar (unlocked at lvl 10 in Knowledge of Death)
  • config to set the cooldown to pray with the ankh (#41)
  • lost tablets will absorb player life while waking up (dying from this damage makes you lose 10 knowledge points - perks are automatically adjusted)
  • config to set a lost of knowledge points when dying (default = 0)
  • remove particle collisions
  • new command TBReviveFamiliar to revive the last dead familiar of a player (limited to 5 saves, and the save is deleted after the command)