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Filename corail_pillar_extension_chisel-4.0.0-1.12.jar
Uploaded by Corail_31
Uploaded Sep 25, 2017
Game Version Forge
Size 403.11 KB
Downloads 464,545
MD5 fc9ff227dbcdf51648b3d6f7af39f207


This mod supports mc version 1.8.9 to 1.12
Requirements for this file :

Corail Pillar 4.0.0+ & Chisel (+CTM)

Latest : 4.0.0

Recommended : 4.0.0

Changes 4.0.0 :

  • this version is compatible with Corail Pillar 4.0.0+
  • greatly reduce the number of block's ids needed by the mod (almostly divided by 8)
    => 111 block's ids for ~750 pillars (thin/normal pillar is the same block)
  • for clarity, the version is set to 4.0.0 to correspond to Corail Pillar version
    NB : Corail Pillar 4.0.0 is incompatible with previous version of the mod

Changes 1.1.0 :

  • include the missing variants (prismarine, redstone, iron plate, purpur, endstone, netherbrick, netherrack, marble, limestone, basalt, bronze, tin, copper)

Changes 1.0.0 :

  • include the major part of the pillars from Chisel blocks (only for vanilla and others extensions that Corail Pillar Support)
  • Chisel mod is a soft dependency (but you need it to see the new pillar)
  • this file only works for 1.12

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