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Create: Copycats+

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All the copycats you've ever wanted, combined into a single mod!

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All copycats

All copycats can be toggled on/off using the feature toggle

  • Copycat Block
  • Copycat Slab
    • Supports all orientations and double slab variants.
  • Copycat Beam
    • A centered Copycat Step.
  • Copycat Vertical Step
  • Copycat Half Panel
    • Supports 4 orientations on each block face
  • Copycat Stairs
  • Copycat Fence
  • Copycat Fence Gate
  • Copycat Trapdoor
  • Copycat Wall
  • Copycat Board
    • A 1-pixel thick panel. Multiple boards can be placed in the same block space like glow lichen.
  • Copycat Box
    • A pre-assembled copycat board.
  • Copycat Catwalk
    • A pre-assembled copycat board.
  • Copycat Byte
    • A mini-block. Bytes can be placed/dismantled individually, 8 of which forms a full block.
  • Copycat Layer
    • Can be placed in any orientation and stacks to full block size.
  • Copycat Half Layer
    • Can be stacked to full block size with 2 columns of half layers in one block space.
  • Copycat Slice
    • Can be resized to 8 different sizes.
  • Copycat Vertical Slice
    • Can be resized to 8 different sizes.
  • Copycat Wooden/Stone Button
  • Copycat Wooden/Stone Pressure Plate
  • Copycat Light/Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate


Find this mod on Modrinth or CurseForge.


In modpacks:

  • You can include this mod in any modpacks.
  • You can make any modifications to the mod with the goal of distributing it in a modpack.

In other cases:

  • You can use this mod however you like as long as you obtain the mod via its Modrinth or CurseForge page.
  • You can make any modifications to the mod, but you cannot redistribute it unless you have modified a substantial portion of the mod's code. Changes to resource packs/data packs/mod metadata do not count as code modification.

This mod is open to suggestions, so if you have made any modification to the mod, please leave an issue/PR so I can consider adding your use case to the mod.


For translations, please visit our Crowdin page to contribute.

For code contributions, please read the wiki for more info.


The best way to support our work is to simply download this mod on Modrinth. Enjoy a smoother download experience and support open source software with a single click.


if you want to contact of of our developers please message redcat.exe on discord.


  • Some translations are taken from Create: Connected. Thanks Crowdin contributors for providing those translations