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NOTE: I've given up on this mod a while ago after Thermal Foundation added their own equipment for their metals. CopperTools won't update any time soon.


CopperTools is a small open-source mod that allows you to make tools, armor and sickles out of lots of materials from other mods. These include common materials that are present in nearly every modpack, like copper or silver, and also specific materials from mods (e.g. Compressed Iron from PneumaticCraft). All of those materials have their own unique properties, to make sure that none of them are useless. For example, even though copper is less durable than iron and can't mine diamonds, it's actually better at enchanting and mines faster than iron.


Content so far:

  • copper, platinum, lead, silver, compressed iron and enderium tool sets
  • peridot, sapphire, ruby and amethyst armor
  • sickles for Thaumcraft, Botania, Twilight Forest and Flaxbeard's Steam Power
  • config option to include sickles made out of vanilla materials. (false by default)

Plans for the future include Natura integration for sickles.

Material properties are not listed here, go download the mod and figure them out yourself! Although if you really, really want to know the exact numbers, you'll have to take a look at the source code.


Find the FTB forum thread here: *link*


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