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Copper Golem for Fabric

Fabric 1.19 mod to add the Copper Golem! Because they are so cute!

If you're running 1.18 or 1.17 you can find the older downloads still available.

Requires at least fabric-api-0.51.1


Functionality is experimental and is based on what Mojang announced at Minecraft Live 2021.

You can spawn in the golem with a bottom copper block, middle carved pumpkin block and top lightning rod! Or if in creative use the spawn egg.

The Copper Golem will target all types of buttons and press them randomly.

Oxidisation is done on a random tick basis. You can wax the Copper Golem to stop them from oxidising, and use an any axe to remove the wax or decrease the oxidisation state.

Similar to Iron Golems the Copper Golems will wander about, look about and look at players. Additionally will look at its big brother the Iron Golems.


Also includes the Copper Buttons! Waxed and unwaxed variations, exposed/weathered/oxidized stages.

Oxidation of the copper buttons is done in the exact same way as copper blocks.

Button power is dependent on the oxidation state and is not affected by being waxed or unwaxed.

Power: Unaffected = 15, Exposed = 12, Weathered = 9 and Oxidized = 6.


Some stuff is not finished, but I would be glad to hear your feedback! Resource pack is included and should be force enabled.


Special thanks to Carloski for the Copper Golem textures!