Cooperative Advancements [Fabric]

This is the Fabric version of the mod, if you're looking for Forge click here.


Cooperative Advancements is a simple mod that automatically grants advancements to other players on a server whenever someone earns one.  It also automatically synchronizes player's advancements whenever someone logs in.  Advancement progress is also kept synchronized, so large multi-part advancements (looking at you, Adventuring Time) can be worked on by multiple players at the same time!


By default the mod synchronizes all players on the server, but it can be configured to sync only amongst players that share a team instead.


This mod requires Iceberg, you can download it here.

Versions on Minecraft 1.18.2 or below also require Cloth Config API, while 1.19+ require Forge Config API Port.


Client / Server

For dedicated multiplayer, this mod only needs to be installed on the server.  For LAN multiplayer, just the host needs to install this mod on the client.



Can be configured to enable or disable all functionality.  This makes for a useful option for modpacks, so your players can decide if they want to share advancements or not!


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


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