Cooking Table

1,837 Downloads Last Updated: May 31, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

A simple and vanilla-friendly mod that adds a block to craft food.



I always found that "crafting" food in a crafting table was a bit odd. So now you have a specific block to do it!

The cooking table behaves exactly like a crafting table except that you can only craft food in it.

So why would you use it then?

Well, you are rewarded some experience when crafting some food. The amount of experience granted is proportionnal to the restoration value of the piece of food.

Plus, it adds a new decoration block for your minecraft kitchen :)


It should be compatible with all mods that add food!


To put it short: the cooking table is to the crafting table what the smoker is to the furnace! 






Patch 1.2.1 is out !


-Added JEI support for cooking table specific recipes


Update 1.2.0 is out !


- Added new food, delicious cookies, that can only be crafted in the cooking table ! They give twice the saturation of normal cookies and have a cheaper recipe. Note : The recipe is not yet available in JEI, but you will find it in the recipe book. JEI support will be added in the next release.

- Fixed a bug that caused crashes when running low on memory

- (Technical) Disabled the capability feature as it was overcomplicated for what was needed


Patch 1.1.4 is out !


- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when booting up with the mod on a multiplayer server

- Added French and German Translation

- Updated very slightly the textures



Patch 1.1.3 is out !


- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when toggling the show craftable button in a another recipe book GUI



Patch 1.1.2 is out !


 - Fixed a bug that caused a crash when looking up recipes in the searchbar



Update 1.1.1 is out !


- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when accessing the recipe book with 0 recipes unlocked

- Added a custom recipe book GUI with only food displayed

- Cakes can now be crafted on the cooking table

- Updated slightly the textures

- Added a recipe unlock advancement



Modpack permissions:

No restrictions as long as you give proper credit! :D Please leave a link to this page.


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