Cooking for Blockheads

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Filename CookingForBlockheads_1.16.5-9.3.1.jar
Uploaded by BlayTheNinth
Uploaded Mar 14, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5  
Size 666.11 KB
Downloads 2,509,644
MD5 acd88bcf95e8d8f68618e8c5cae07d69
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Fixed crash on server startup


Added ability to name all container blocks in an anvil, similar to how chests can be named

Added dispenser support for picking up milk from the milk jar with buckets

Added support for Compressed Cows from Ex Compressum, which can be turned into a Compressed Cow in a Jar

Added custom names for Cow in a Jar - will now use the name of the cow if the cow was named with a name tag

Added support for MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod kitchen blocks (by Myares)

Re-added the ability to place the Cutting Board from Pam's in the world

Re-added Waila support

Re-added The One Probe support

Re-added support for milk to be pulled or pushed into the milk jar through pipes

Updated Pam's Harvestcraft support to include some new ingredient items

Updated VanillaFoodPantry support to include some new tools

Fixed water in the sink not syncing ("sinking" haha) if sinkRequiresWater is enabled

Fixed water being infinite if sinkRequiresWater is enabled and exactly one bucket was present

Fixed crash on load if invalid recipes are present - now logs an error instead

Fixed lava buckets in the oven disappearing instead of emptying when used

Fixed CraftTweaker recipes no longer showing up in Cooking for Blockheads

Fixed recipe reloads not updating in Cooking for Blockheads until restart

Fixed #NoFilterEdition not being considered a book by Inspirations and other mods

Fixed arrows no longer showing up on the "previous" / "next" recipe buttons

Fixed some compatibility issues with mods interacting with the sink (by Darkere)

Fixed #NoFilter book popping off the cooking table if the cooking table is rotated

Fixed duplicate cutting board drops if cutting board is rotated

Fixed recipe of #NoFilterEdition - it should cost a recipe book, not a crafting book

Fixed max stack size of Preservation Chamber


Added new events "OvenCookedEvent" and "OvenItemSmeltedEvent" to allow for mod compatiblity


Added Spanish Translation (by FrannDzs)

Updated Korean Translation (by yoko57822)


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