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Ever had too much cookies and have no other use for them other than eating? Then this mod is for you! This mod will provide you with more uses for cookies! From cookie tools to a whole new cookie dimension! Cookies have never been so exciting and useful!


Download & Installation:

  1. Download and install Forge (Tested on Forge 1.8
  2. Download Cookie Tools for your Minecraft version ([X.X]Cookie_Tools-Y.Y.Y (X = Minecraft Version, Y = Cookie Tools Version)
  3. Place the Cookie Tools JAR file into the "mods" (Without the "") folder where you installed Forge.
  4. Run Minecraft and enjoy!



Q: It said in the description there are cookie tools and dimensions! I don't see any of it! I only see the blocks and items!

A: I'm still working on creating the tools and dimensions, just be patient and wait for the release.


Q: Ewww cookies, no body likes cookies...

A: If you have a hate relationship with cookies, just ignore this mod, don't leave comments saying how much this mod or cookies suck.









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