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Fabric mod that enables you to set a status.

This mod must be installed on the server. Vanilla clients are still able to join a server with this mod. If you want to set a status, you need this mod installed on your client.

It requires Fabric API


By pressing the U key, you will be able to set your status.

The status consists of multiple parts:

  • The availability
    • If you don't want to get disturbed
    • If you are open for collaboration
  • The base status
    • If you are recording
    • If you are streaming
  • Additional stuff
    • If you don't want others to skip the night

These icons will show up next to the players head in the tab list.

If no sleep is activated, players lying in bed will see a message that someone doesn't want the night to be skipped. This message will also be shown to players that don't have the mod installed.

When joining a server the first time in your playing session, you will get a message that will remind you to set your status. The status is not persisted between playing sessions by default.


Client Configuration .minecraft/config/status/

Key Default Value Description
persist_state false If the status should be persisted between playing sessions.
show_join_message true If the reminder when joining the server should be shown.

Server Configuration <your-server-directory>/config/status/

Key Default Value Description
no_sleep_title No Sleep The title of the no sleep popup
no_sleep_player_subtitle %s does not want you to sleep The subtitle of the no sleep popup if one player does not want to skip the night
no_sleep_multiple_subtitle Some players do not want you to sleep The subtitle of the no sleep popup if multiple players do not want to skip the night