Content Creator Integration (Forge)

Fabric builds have moved! Find them here.



What is Content Creator Integration


Content Creator Integration (CCI) bridges the gap between your stream and Minecraft. It takes the information from your stream, and passes it to you, for you to do whatever you want, such as:


Why pick CCI?

1. Support for multiple services

CCI currently supports:


We also used to support Mixer Chat, RIP Mixer :(


2. Detailed, In-Depth Documentation

CCI is fully documented, with in-depth guides and instructions on how to do many frequently accessed functions. It is also community-contributed, which allows the community to give back and guide others.


Documentation is available here.


3. Extensive Editor


No scripting required! CCI has a detailed and extensive Editor for you to edit the configs it runs off:


Work then and there, save, and your changes are immediately applied. No need to restart the game!


The editor also shows when you are creating invalid objects, so no scratching your head, wondering what went wrong. 


4. Server Optional

CCI works entirely on the client. We don't need to be installed on a server to function, though it would help CCI do more things than usual. CCI has a full suite of client-only outcomes, for times when the server doesn't have CCI.


Most of the time though, you'll want to trigger a Command. Even then, CCI'll send a chat message in your place. All you have to do, is be Opped.


5. All your connection data in one place

As mentioned, CCI works entirely on the client. No putting multiple user's sensitive information in one config file, on a server in the middle of nowhere.


Multiple streamers could be running CCI on the same server (which also has CCI), and there won't be any transfer of your sensitive information at all. Your sensitive data stays on your machine, in your client-config. All the server needs to know, is if you're whitelisted. That is, if the server even has CCI installed at all.



Having Issues?

CCI is complex and thus, complicated. If you're having issues, feel free to join our Discord server, we've a channel specifically for helping with CCI.



Final Note

Many thanks to Wyld, TheMattaBase, Bacon_Donut, darkphan, generikb and Lewdi for testing the mod in its early development stages. 

HUGE thanks to Sublimiter and BeefQL for all the issues reported, testing and support for the mod.


This mod uses the Socket.IO Java and Java Websocket Libraries, both of which are licensed under MIT.


I do not stream as a main source of income and I wrote this mod for streamers to use for free. If you are happy with how CCI has shaped your stream, consider Donating. 


Also available for Fabric here.