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Filename conarm-1.12.2-0.0.16-a.jar
Uploaded by TheIllusiveC4
Uploaded May 16, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 526.49 KB
Downloads 2,198
MD5 786a7ef244d866333b51068a6997ac13
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



     Removed all armor kits
     Replaced Lightweight trait on Cobalt cores with Featherweight trait
     Lightweight trait movement speed bonus has been significantly reduced
     Modifiers once again use regular crafting materials instead of armor kits
     Speedy trait now has 3 levels, with less movement speed per level and a lower cost
     Resistant traits no longer give Protection enchantments, they use internal calculations instead now
     Resistant traits now have 8 levels, with the same total damage reduction potential and a different cost
     Changed some of the wording in the book for some modifiers
     Lowered the required modifiers for accessories from 2 to 1
     Armor Station (not Armor Forge!) now allows you to mix materials and replace parts, but no longer can apply modifiers
     Added Featherweight trait - Reduces fall damage
     Added new materials for all Resistant modifiers
     Added Amphibious trait - Extends underwater breathing time - Helmets only
     Added Frosty trait - Freezes nearby water blocks - Boots only
     Fixed Reinforced modifier not appearing on armor models
     Fixed unrelated items appearing in the armor preview panels
     Fixed armor result disappearing when crafting in the GUI (#30)
     Fixed armor renaming not working properly

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