Conflux Cubes

1,404 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds the Conflux Cube block to the game. When this block is broken or mined by a player a random effect will happen. These effects can range from really bad to really good. the only way to know what you will get is to download the mod and try it out.


NOTE TO STREAMERS: The version of Java that is included with Minecraft is very old and has some outdated security features. These outdated features will likely prevent your game from communicating with our Twitch extension. This can be fixed by updating your Java version, or by installing the LetsEncryptCraft mod. This mod will be automatically downloaded for you if you use the Twitch App to download the mod.


The base mod provides three variants of the Conflux Cube. Each variant has their own pool of effects to draw from. This mod provides an extensive configuration system which allows you to edit existing content and add your own variants and effects! We also provide an addon system allowing you to share your creations with others. You can learn more about this system from our Wiki page. We also have a Discord server if you have any further questions.


This mod offers Twitch integration for streamers! If you have our extension installed viewers will be able to send you cubes using bits! You can read more about the twitch integration here.



Why did you make this mod when other mods do similar things?

This mod was created as part of our submission to Twitch's AWS challenge. While our extension could hypothetically use content from any mod, it is a very gray area when it comes to laws and copyright. Our team felt it would be very disrespectful to use the content of other mods without permission which is why we made Conflux Cubes. In terms of comparing this mod to similar mods, we feel that we have provided the best tools for allowing people to create their own content using our mod.


Can you add support for X?

We are always looking to expand the features and capabilities of this mod. If you have an idea for something please let us know and we will consider it. Please keep in mind that we are only going to be adding support for mods if we get specific permission from the owner of that mod.


Can I use this without the Twitch extension?

Technically yes, however in the current 1.0.X versions you will have to add things like recipes yourself. We are planning to add many new features to improve the survival playability of this mod in the 1.1.X update, which is scheduled to come out on March 11th.


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