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Configurable Mob Potion Effects

Requires the library mod Collective.

Configurable Mob Potion Effects is a server-side mod which allows administrators to give any mob a permanent potion effect and set a potion effect done to the target when a mob damages them. It is completely configurable, it works for all modded entities and all modded potion effects. The mod by default does not do anything, you have the control.

There are two config files. Both located in the folder './config/configurablemobpotioneffects/'.
One is called 'permanenteffects.txt'. Here you can add permanent potion effects to any mob.
The other is called 'ondamageeffects.txt'. Here you can set what potion effects should be given to the damaged target by any mob.

The config files are generated on first load of the mod. If you add any modded entities or potion effects, remove the files and reload the game once.

/cmpe reload - Reloads all manual changes to the config files.

The Config Files:
After first load, the config files contain all possible entities and all possible potion effects. With the level set to 0, all are disabled by default. All you have to do is find the correct line and change the values.

The 'permanenteffects.txt' config file:

The 'ondamageeffects.txt' config file:

Let's make all slimes super fast, with a permanent speed level of 50.

Find the slime section in './config/configurablemobpotioneffects/permanenteffects.txt':

Find the speed potion effect section:

Set the level to 50:

Restart the game or use /cmpe reload and watch the magic happen:


Another example, let's make the endermite's attack give levitation 10 for 1 second.

Find the endermite in './config/configurablemobpotioneffects/ondamageeffects.txt':

Find the levitation section:

Set levitation level to 10:

Set the duration to 1 second:

Restart the game or use /cmpe reload and let's fight that endermite!


Last example, let's make a zombie quite fast and poison its target when it attacks:

Find the zombie in 'permanenteffects.txt', and set the speed level to 5:

Find the zombie section in 'ondamageeffects.txt' and set the poison level to 2, the duration of 5 seconds is fine:

Restart the game or use /cmpe reload and done! Here's the zombie:



Your turn! :)


You may freely use this mod in any modpack, as long as the download remains hosted within the CurseForge ecosystem.

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