Concrete Plus[Fabric]

10,736 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

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I have a discord, Join for mod status updates and much more.
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What is Concrete Plus

Concrete Plus aims to add in new variants of the Concrete block including its many colors.


What does Concrete Plus add to the game

-Concrete slabs
-Concrete stairs
-Concrete walls
-Concrete tiles(carpet)
-Concrete panes
-Concrete Doors(Redstone powered and not Redstone powered).
-Concrete Trapdoors(Redstone powered and not Redstone powered)

-Concrete Fences and Fence Gates

-Concrete Pressure Plates

-Concrete Buttons 

You are free to use this mod in mod packs but are not allowed to re-upload this mod to other sites(If posting to other sites you must link to this page)



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