Concrete Conversion Tech

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This mod adds 8 tiers of concrete converters, from wooden to netherite, with each tier having more conversion slots than the previous tier. The converters do not consume power or fuel, they passively convert concrete powder into concrete.


Config Options: 

  • Harder Recipes: Whether to change recipes that use ingots to use the block equivalent, as well as recipes using gems. e.g. Iron Ingot -> Iron Block, Diamond -> Diamond Block
  • Progressive Crafting: For concrete converters above tier 1, whether to include the previous tier as an ingredient in their recipe.



  • Conversion process: Every 16 ticks, Concrete Converters will attempt to convert concrete powder in their input slots. Each input slot will make an attempt to convert 1 item. Higher tiers do not really have higher speed, they have higher throughput.
  • Efficiency books: Enchanted book that have efficiency can be placed in the enchanted book slots at the top of the converter inventory. Each level of efficiency decreases the number of ticks to convert a concrete powder by 1, with a minimum of 1 tick per conversion.
  • Interaction with item transporters (hoppers, etc): Items can be inserted and extracted from all sides of the Concrete Converters.
  • Recipes: The recipes use the advancement system. The recipes for each tier are given when their base item is crafted/obtained.


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