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Compressed Creativity


This mod adds various interactions and integrations between Create and PneumaticCraft: Repressurized.

For now, it adds following content:



  • Rotational Compressor: Use rotational to create pressure!
  • Compressed Air Engine: Opposite of compressor, use pressurized air to create rotation!
  • Air Blower: Use pressurized air to create Air Current that processes items twice as fast when under high pressure!
  • Industrial Air Blower: four times the processing speed! But short distance. Install Meshes to save up space!




Blocks and Items:

  • Mechanical Visor Upgrade: When installed in helmet, allows displaying tooltip like Engineer's Goggles can, as well as shows it in Block Tracker Upgrade!
  • Plastic Brackets: Fancy alternative to wooden and metal ones!
  • Compressed Iron Casing: crafting ingredient.. and a fancy block!



  • Charge Copper Backtank in Charging station!
  • ...Or just use it as compressor instead!
  • Use air from your Pneumatic Chestplate (requires Charging Upgrade) when firing that Potato Cannon (Or using Extendo Grip)!



Planned content:

  • Upgraded Potato Cannon that uses pressurized air.
  • and more, feel free to suggest on the GitHub page or in comments!