Compressed Units

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Compressed Units is a mod letting you compress some of the most popularly gathered blocks. Make your life easier! Compress 9x stacks of, for example, Cobblestone into 1x stack of Compressed Cobblestone.

Then, if you wish, you can compress another 9x stacks of Compressed Cobblestone into Twice Compressed Cobblestone!

Later, if you want your original blocks back, you can of course decompress Twice Compressed blocks into 9x Compressed blocks, and Compressed blocks into 9x blocks.

List of all the blocks you can compress (and twice compress):







-cobbled deepslate

-oak log

-dark oak log

-birch log

-spruce log

-acacia log

-jungle log

-warped stem

-crimson stem


-end stone

You can suggest some blocks you would like to be able to compress, and I will consider adding them to the mod.

You might use JEI for the recipes, however, they are really simple! - 9x blocks = 1x compressed block; 9x compressed blocks = 1x twice compressed block. Everything has to be done in the crafting table, obviously.











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