Compressed Cookies

248 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 5, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2


Compressed Cookies is a simple mod that adds compressed versions of the normal Minecraft cookie, with exponentially better stats. It's mostly for fun, but as you get more and more cookies, you can compress them further, to the point where you don't ever need another food source. Each cookie's hunger replenishment goes like this: Since a default cookie heals 2 points of hunger (or one haunch/bar/hambone), the Compressed Cookie Tier One heals 18 hunger points, or 9 whole haunches! The double compressed cookie provides 9 times that, which is already enough hunger to fill you up! The process keeps going all the way up to Octuple Compressed! Also, Saturation factors are tiered as well, with the Octuple Cookie providing a 5.0 saturation rate! This feature is very useful in conjunction with things like the Culinary Generator from Extra Utilities, which will base its power gen off of the hunger and saturation values.


To get started, make some normal cookies, and then craft 9 of them together, like making a diamond block, to get a compressed cookie. Then craft 9 of those for a double compressed cookie, so on and so forth. Enjoy!


If you use Appleskin, use version 1.0.8 or up! Rendering of large hunger/saturation values was fixed in that version.



You are free to use this mod in your packs! You can let me know if you'd like, but that's completely up to you.


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