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Adds various quality of life improvements to the vanilla minecraft composter. All changes (except for JEI integration) are configurable in the compote-common.toml file.




JEI Integration [1.16 Only]

See what is compostable, and what the chances of raising a composter's level are for every compostable item.



Adding, removing or changing compostable items can all be done with custom compote:composting recipes, so datapack or modpack developers can customize to their needs.




Right Click To Empty

Shift right click with an empty hand to empty the composter.


Customizable Levels

By default the vanilla composter requires 7 levels of progress before generating a piece of bonemeal. Compote lets you set it to as little at 1 level.


Insert & Extract From Any Face

Enable insertion and extraction from any face of the composter, instead of just top and bottom in vanilla.


Turn Off First Compost Success

By default, vanilla will always make the first composting attempt successful (raising it by a level regardless of chance). You can turn this off if you want. 



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