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Supports Fabric


Have you ever dreamt of having a perfect sidekick?

Did you ever find your minecraft pets a bit ... underwhelming?

If so, get ready for your next adventure, because you are about to meet ... the companion bat!

How to obtain

To obtain a companion bat you will need to feed a regular bat some pumpkin pie.


Pocket bat

When tamed the companion bat will be added to your inventory as an item, this item can be used later to summon your new sidekick.

When summoned the bat will give the player a special flute to recall it back.

When in danger the companion bat will teleport automatically into the player's inventory, as long as its flute is still present.

Image: Companion Bat and Bat Flute. Companion Bat and Bat Flute

Leveling system

The companion bat initially starts weak but gets stronger by leveling up.

The bat can obtain experience by attacking mobs.

Image: Gui showing bat level and stats. Companion bat gui

You can also train your Companion Bat by feeding it the rare Pie o' Enchanting whch can be found in treasure chests.

Item pick up

You can give a bundle to the companion bat by placing it in the bundle slot (the third slot in the image right above here).

When given a bundle the bat can pick up items from the ground and store them in said bundle.

When the player is nearby the bat will automatically transfer its items to the owner's inventory.

Bat equipments

There are currently 9 companion bats equipments and 6 accessories.

These equipments can be found in treasure chests across the various dimensions.

Each equipment grants a class that gives bat an unique set of abilities.

Accessories grant a single ability; most of these accessories possess an unique ability.

Image: Gui showing all companion bats items

Creative gui


Each armor changes the bat appearance!

Image: A Companion bat wearing an Inferno Suit

Companion bat wearing an Inferno Suit


A class is granted to the companion bat by the equipment that it is wearing at the moment.

Classes have levels too, each level can grant a special ability to the bat.

All classes at max level grant a permanent unique ability to the bat.

Each class has an hint on where to find them on its tooltip! Check them out on REI / JEI.

Here's a list of all the available classes:


  • has increased attack
  • burns enemies
  • has fire resistance


  • heals from damage inflicted to the enemies
  • has increased armor


  • has a huge speed bonus
  • obtains a Looting enchantment that scales with levels, up to Looting IV
  • will grant the luck effect to the owner when nearby


  • armor is greatly increased
  • has a chance to completely block attacks
  • is the perfect starting class


  • can buff the owner and everyone around by throwing potions
  • buffs get stronger with levels ranging from a simple speed boost to strenght and regeneration
  • can heal and support its owner in emergency situations


  • has a chance to completely block attacks
  • blocked attacks will reflect a portion of the original damage back to the attacker
  • has a combo attack that gets stronger over time in prolonged fights
  • at the end of the combo the bat releases the stored energy to strike all the nearby enemies


  • has increased attack
  • can sneak attack enemies, when behind them, greatly increasing the damage dealt
  • can teleport behind enemies
  • when an enemy is killed it can instantly teleport to the next target


  • applles the Slowness effect on-hit
  • applles the Weakness effect on-hit
  • applies the Wither effect on-hit


  • has increased armor
  • can throw Dynamite to its enemies inflicting massive area damage without damaging blocks


Is there a Forge version?

Currently, the Companion Bats mod exclusively supports the Fabric modloader.

How do you open the bat GUI / inventory?

You can open the bat's GUI in 5 simple steps:

  • Make sure to have the Bat Item or the Bat Flute on your hotbar
  • Close the player inventory if it's open
  • Select the Bat Item or the Bat Flute with the scroll wheel or the keyboard
  • If you have the Bat Flute recall your bat by using the flute
  • Shift-right click the Bat item (like using a flint and steel while sneaking)


You can discuss, suggest new features and get previews of my mods on my Discord server!

Special thanks to

AtomicStryker for developing the Pet Bats mod which inspired this whole mod.

The fabric community for making the development of this mod possibile.