Community Updates

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This mod adds updates that the community has wanted for a while! This mod adds these updates Mojang-style, and adds cool new unique features!


List of Current Features:

  • Ender Golem
  • Chorus Weed
  • Chorus Twist
  • Chorus Bloom
  • Chorite Ore
  • Chorite
  • Chorite Block
  • Fractured End Stone
  • Endermite Egg
  • End Sand
  • End Hut
  • End Stone Button and Pressure Plate
  • Ender Golem and Chorus Tree Paintings
  • 4 New Advancements




  • The Chorus Weed and Chorus Twist are inspired by the Quark mod, and I'm using my own textures for them as well!
  • MCreator for making this mod possible!