Communism:Life and Art

4,918 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

The mod Communism: Life and Art can be seen as an unofficially-renewed version of Communism Mod

At first, the mod has a former name"Soviet Golden Discs"(1.12.2, Unreleased Just uploaded after version 1.0.4!), just to include 6 classical Soviet period songs and The Internationale in Chinese/Russian version.

Suggested by my friend(ID: A_Comrade_from_KCM), I added several types of Soviet daily foods, 6 Soviet period posters, and Soviet flags in 3 different sizes(In the form of painting).


Two Soviet posters in different sizes



The mod is developed via MCreator!


JEI is highly recommended to be installed to check the recipes!


The Russian translation may be not so accurate...If you have a better idea, please submit an issue or send a private message to me!

Wugui.sp has provided the Russian translation! Salute! 


Bedrock compatibility in progress! (Just includes a few types of food) (Download: Google Drive)

(How to install)


Forge1.12.2 compatibility in progress!


Update Plans:

  • More Soviet Songs (Selecting...Comment if you have ideas!)
  • Soviet Armors(eg: Shapka Winter Hat)
  • Soviet Structures(If I have free
  • There will be bread and there will also be milk! Салют вам, товарищ!


Recently Added Features:

  • Weapons: PPSh-41, Mosin-Nagant (1.0.3); Charging Horn[No damage] (1.0.4); AK-47 (1.0.6);
  • Armors: Shapka (1.0.3); Overcoat, army pants, soviet boots (1.1.1);
  • Structures: Woodhouse (1.0.9);
  • Living entities: Bear (1.0.1), Capitalist (1.1.0);
  • Vehicles: Combine "Don" (1.1.2) (When holding a wrench, sneak and right-click to recycle the vehicle)
  • Others: Hammer and Sickle Banner (1.0.4).


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