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CommandRunnerMod gives the executefile command - Runs execute commands and rotates commands in files. 1.9.4 runs in forge 1.9 to 1.10.2 Use the latest versions. BlockDumpMod dumps an area into either /setblock commands or /execute @p ~ ~ ~ setblock commands into a .caleb file. blockdump is a companion command to executefile. 

Recommend downloading for samples.

The commands must be in lower case. New 1.9.4 August 7th fixed  now repeats and cascade is fixed. Still beta.


This is my first mod for minecraft. It's written for 1.8, 1.9-1.9.4, 1.10-1.10.2 and called Caleb's CommandRunnermod. It uses the new 1.8 APIs and 1.9.4, but supports 1.10 blocks. It runs files with a set of minecraft or mod commands for simple world generation support as a command "executefile. Any command that can be put in a server or command and run with execute. In the files the command executefile can call executefile files. With new 1.8+ commands that allow placement of items in chests, and blockdata, etc, the commands become useful. (Hint use 1.9+ repeating command blocks for looping, or repeat sections, testfor, etc. ) A forge config file allows you to set the files directory. Syntax is executefile File filename.

A later version is planned to run from a URL. Files in the config defined directory can be named ".caleb" to show up in an autocomplete list. Where do I place jars for download? Just here and the I don't adfly or run ads. Free is free. Right now it's on my for the download files and notes and on Curse. No ads.  Using /execute in the files is optional, but recommended.

You can't yet just write /fill ... it's /execute then the command fill. The # sign allows you to comment in the .caleb file. The concatenation is not yet supported.


Rotation is now supported to a limited extent (Some commands aren't). Try /executefile File arrow.caleb byline rotatewest or rotateplayerfacing. This now includes vanilla minecraft block rotation (e.g. stairs, redstone, all) WHEN DATATAGS ARE SUPPLIED (e.g. minecraft:chest 2). Cascading rotation is supported for vanilla blocks. Try City2.caleb with build2.caleb.

try /executefile File City2.Caleb byline rotateSouth cascade.

Filling 100,000 blocks in 20 lines will take time. Be warned.

There are some samples below or make your own  with blockdump.


/blockdump exfile ~-2 ~-2 ~-2 ~2 ~2 ~2 saveto.caleb


Any non-fraudulent use is permitted. Only or curse is a recommended download site.


arrow.caleb is (stairs full side is north facing).

New version 8/7/2016


# hello
/execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~ ~1 ~2 ~ ~1 ~10 minecraft:cobblestone
/execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~-1 ~1 ~9 ~-1 ~1 ~9 minecraft:cobblestone
/execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~1 ~1 ~9 ~1 ~1 ~9 minecraft:cobblestone

/execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~0 ~2 ~10 ~0 ~2 ~10 minecraft:stone_stairs 3




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