Command Kits

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Brief description

This mod is designed to let the user create command based kits for their servers. This was created for pixelmon servers, to let users get pokemon for kits, but you can use it for countless other applications! with what can be done with it, is up to you!


  1. Easy kit creation system
  2. Ability to specify the time between a given kit command
  3. Ability to specify the maximum number of times you can execute a given kit
  4. Ability to let permissions easily tap into each kit
  5. The kits display only shows the kits you have access to
  6. Ability to work with plugin commands, mod commands, and vanilla commands
  7. Ability to replace specific phrases with specific texts, ex: {name} would be replaced automatically with the users name, while {uuid} would use the users UUID.

Extra info

The following phrases will be replaced when creating commands:


  • <name>
  • <player>
  • <playername>


  • <uuid>


/kits KITNAME - This gives the user the kit

/kits - This displays the list of abalible kits to the user

/kits reload - This reloads the kits(currrently broken, just restart the server to apply the new kits)



The kit names are reliant on the filename, winch they are created after. So if you create a kit, and you call the filename "TestKit" you would then use the permission node  as "kits.TestKit".







Demo config: pastebin

put the config in this directory



Just download the example config, and paste it into the kits folder. the kits folder is located inside the config folder

When you open up the config template you will be able to add new commands, set the time between each usage, and set the max times you can use it

More will be added soon!


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