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This Mod Requires Geckolib!


Thank you for taking a look at my mod; Command Block Ascension! It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope you have a fun time playing with it! This mod was inspired by the TellTale Games story game: Minecraft: Story Mode
I was hoping to make this mod compatible with other mods, such as: Cracker's Wither Storm, Ultimate Eversource, and other Minecraft: Story Mode-type mods so that the experience would be as close to Minecraft AND Minecraft: Story Mode as possible.
This mod WILL receive updates depending on community suggestions and bug reports, although I likely won't deal with incompatibility issues.


This mod adds: A usable Command Block AND Structure Block, 5 blocks, 4 GUIs, 4 crafting recipes, 1 custom crafting machine, a multitude of command presets for the Command Block (more coming soon),  5 new INSANELY OVERPOWERED tools (Plus a new enchantment unlike ANY other, which can only be obtained and used via omnipotence), and 7 new advancements!

Enjoy your adventures!

Final Achievement music made by MrIncognito (No available socials yet)