2,068 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

This is a FABRIC MOD and requires FABRIC API.

This is still a work in progress.


ColWater adds to the vanilla game a dyeable water-like fluid, that combined with vanilla dyes transforms in colored water.

Colored Water is further craftable into Glowing Colored Water, using colored water bucket and glowstone dust.

Every water color has its own bubble and splash particles (they are the same for glowing and non-glowing).

ColWater works on servers!



Since 1.3.0 glowing fluids are able to emit colored light based on the fluid color.

To achieve this colWater need another mod: Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core



Colored Light from fluids is controlled with Mod Menu

To apply light changes, as stated in the modMenu config page, you NEED to restart your client (blocks need to be re-registered, can't do it on the fly).


Colwater will still work normally if you dont have HyperLightingColoredLightCore and ModMenu,

but colored lights are going to be off by default and glowing fluid will cast vanilla light.


1.17 version:

The new version drops (temporarly) the support for colored lights, since Hyper Lighting Colored Light Core is not on 1.17 yet.

Will be re-added soon :)



Dyeable water recipe


glowing fluid recipe




This is my first mod, every feedback and hint is appreciated.



This mod CAN work with sodium 0.2.0 (download here Release Sodium 0.2.0 for Minecraft 1.16.5 · CaffeineMC/sodium-fabric (

Since sodium changes the render engine you need another mod, INDIUM.

Unfortunately Indium is still in early stages and not avaiable here on curseforge.

To download it go here Indium. Scroll the page and download the zip file "build-artifacts" by clicking it.

Unzip it and you should have a folder with 4 files (one finishes with -dev.jar, 2 with -sources.jar and one with nothing).

The file with no dev or source at the end is the mod you can copy and paste in you minecraft mod folder.


I know it's a bit complicated but there's really nothing i can do to make it better since i'm not the developer for indium.



- Colored fluids do not behave like regular water in every situation, for example they CAN'T WATERLOG ( trying to figure out how to achieve this ).



mysticpasta1 for testing and feedback on 1.3.0

hypherionsa for helping me with Hyper Lighting integration

MorningSageX  for the help in updating to 1.17 



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