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Colorful Quartz

(Formally known as Colorable Quartz)


One of the most popular building materials in Minecraft is Quartz because of its clean design. The only drawback to using it, however, is that it only comes in 1 color... Until now!


(IMPORTANT) Updating from 1.0.0:

Please note that structures built with 1.0.0 blocks will be deleted if upgrading to a later version.  All versions past 1.0.0 will be fully compatible with future updates, however.


The reason behind rewriting:

I am rewriting this mod from scratch for multiple reasons. The main reason being that I've learned alot when it comes to programming since 1.0.0, and to put this knowledge to use would require a full rewrite of the mod. Another of the biggest reasons I felt it was necessary to start from scratch is because 1.0.0 is 4.8mb. For a mod that adds so little this size is incredibly unnecessary, 2.0 is under half the size of 1.0.0 and yet has over quadruple the content.

 What's new from 1.0.0?

2.0 Release adds the following things:

  • Better textures
  • More balanced paint recipe
  • Paint now has a finite number of uses (64) before you have to create new paint
  • OreDictionary for maximum compatibility with other mods
  • Ore Generation in The Nether (toggle in the config)
  • Pillar Variants
  • Chiseled Variants
  • Paints functioning as dyes (toggle in the config)


For use in Modpacks:

Feel free to use this mod in a modpack, but, while it is not required, I'd appreciate if you let me know in this page's comments or via a DM. Have fun!