Colored Bricks Mod

93,270 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +4

Colored Bricks supports 1.16-1.19.x!
When using my mod for 1.19, please make sure you are using the most recent forge version (Forge 1.19-41.1.0), otherwise it might not work.


Latest version 4.3. 


This mod includes walls, stairs, slabs, and blocks. One for each of the 16 Minecraft colors. And cracked versions of those!

It also adds variants for the brick ingot item.

Adds Chiseled Bricks!


These are great and designed for building projects!


There is support for German (translated by CptPICHU on Curseforge) and support for Chinese Taiwan.


A picture of the walls.


A screenshot of the walls


I may add different colors of mortar (the stuff between the bricks) comment if you'd like to see that. I have a major idea regarding this(infinitely colored brick) but it will take a really long time to complete as I haven't done something like it yet. 


Mod is available in 1.16.4 and 1.16.5.


You can also make pull requests and submit issues on GitHub.


Thank you guys for 1000+ downloads!! I have a new version hopefully coming soon (is fully here!) that will add cracked bricks so stay tuned!

Wow, we hit 2000+ downloads! Here's a small update, I haven't been able to work on the chiseled bricks yet as I've been busy irl, but hopefully I'll be able to start soon! I've also been working on a bedrock version of the mod, so if anyone is interested, I might post it somewhere.

3000+ Downloads! I never really thought I'd get over 100 and we are!

5k DOWNLOADS! Wow. Its hard to imagine that many people downloaded my mod thank you all so much!

6k Downloads. Thank you all so much :) A little update: After this next update (coming in a little less than a month) I will start another project that will help me with something I have planned for version 5.0, so there will be a little inactivity on the update of this mod. I will still fix bugs and such that you can report in the issue tracker. If anyone wants me to continue to update certain version (languages, minecraft versions, etc.) because they feel that an older version is better I can also do that.


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