ColorBlindness is a Minecraft mod (Forge, NeoForge, Fabric, Quilt). The purpose is to provide color blindness potion effects for other mods to add their own potions or items with color blindness effects.

This mod is compatible with Optifine & shaders!

This mod does not add brewable potions!

The Fabric / Quilt version needs the following mods:


  • Achromatomaly: Color weakness
  • Achromatopsia: Color blindness
  • Deuteranomaly: Green weakness
  • Deuteranopia: Green blindness
  • Protanomaly: Red weakness
  • Protanopia: Red blindness
  • Tritanomaly: Blue weakness
  • Tritanopia: Blue blindness

In-game usage

Type the following line to give you the Achromatopsia effect for 10 seconds.

/effect give YourName colorblindness:achromatopsia 10


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Can I use this mod in my mod pack?
Yes, you are allowed to use this mod in your mod packs

Port to another Minecraft version? Which versions are supported?
Sorry, but I do not backport any mod to an older version. Here is a list of all supported and planned versions: Minecraft mod versions of cech12

Is there a Fabric version?
Since 1.20.4 the mod is available for Fabric & Quilt. There is no plan to backport Fabric support to earlier Minecraft versions.

I found a bug or I have a good idea to enhance this mod!
Very good! Open an issue at Github. You have no Github-Account? You can also contact me here in the comments or via private message.