Color Blocks

1,728 Downloads Last Updated: May 18, 2014 Game Version: 1.7.2

It's BACK!! 
It has been almost 2 years since this mod was released when I discontinued the mod due to HUGE code changes and lost of interest in minecraft, but now after 1.7.2 was released I decided to start modding again, and what better way than remaking the first mod I made. Please support my work by giving me a diamond, it takes 1 second and makes my day :) 

OBS!! No survival mode yet! 

Around 40 different colors! 
Adds stairs and slabs for more styling! 
Blast resistant blocks(as obsidian), no more griefers/creepers destroying your art! 
Takes close to no time to destroy them in survival mode! 
Clean colors, no more weird textures on your pixel art! 
They emit light, no more torches on your art! 
It's own Creative menu! 

White Dust: 

Melt white dust to get a white ingot. 

White color block: 
put four white ingots in a square i.e. like when you make a crafting table. 

Current survival Color Blocks(shapeless): 
White Block, Dye 

Special thanks to: 
Trixter313 and his/hers friend for the art. 

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also you can find my twitter and facebook on my site, 
source for the mod is also under blogs on my site! 
My site: 

How to install: 
Install Forge 


Place the zip/jar file(depending on where you downloaded) in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods\1.7.2  
Play Minecraft 
I will add EVERY color you guys request sooner or later!


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