Colds: Tempered Netherite (FORGE)

4,059 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 23, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


This Mod adds a complete set of Armor and Tools one Tier ABOVE Netherite.


Tempering Netherite Ingots is easy!


Place a Netherite Ingot onto a Campfire to heat it up.


Once heated, quickly get the new RED HOT NETHERITE INGOT into water either by jumping in water with it, or placing it in a crafting table with a bucket of water.


Upgrade any Netherite Gear by placing it on the Smithing Table with the new Tempered Netherite Ingot!


This mod is GREAT for adding a new level of gear without having to restart your world!  (Use the items you already have!)






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