Colds: Ostriches (FORGE)

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Ostriches can be found in the Savannah and Plains Biomes.


You can Lure Ostriches with Apples or Sweet Berries!


Every so often, they'll lay Ostrich Eggs which can be used to spawn a new Ostrich. (Much like the Chicken Eggs)


Breed Ostriches with Apples or Sweet Berries!


You can attempt to "Tame" an ostrich by RIGHT CLICKING them with an empty hand.  This will have you jump on the Ostriches back.  Continue trying to "Break" them until you Tame them and get "Hearts".  At this point, you can open your inventory while riding to place a saddle on the ostrich to ride it.


Ostriches spawn with randomized stats, much like horses.


Ostriches are "Slightly" faster than horses and can be healed by feeding them Apples and Sweet Berries.


Ostriches can spawn with 5 different Model Textures.


When killed, They'll drop Ostrich Meat which can be cooked to double it's effects.


1.0.3 Update - Config File Added allowing you to adjust various settings on the Ostrich including Spawn Rates!


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