Cold Forged

209 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 14, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1   +2


This Mod adds 6 new Boxes based on the Tool Materials in game along with keys to unlock them.


Acquiring Boxes and Keys is as easy as playing the game.  Nearly all living creatures have a chance to Drop them.


  • In order to open a box, you must find a matching key.  Iron Boxes can only be opened with an Iron Key!
  • Boxes have a "Weight" to them which can be seen on the Box Tooltip.  Heavier boxes contain more items.  TIP: Gear and Tools usually weigh around 2 stones!
  • Keys have a "Rarity" to them which can be seen on the Key Tooltip.  The "Rarer" the key, the better quality loot you will get from the box!
  • To open the box, simply hold the appropriate key in your off hand and attempt to open the box.


Key Rarity Scale...

Common < Uncommon < Rare < Ultra Rare < Epic < Legendary


Expect future updates adding boxes and keys to Chests and a config file!




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