Configuration options, defaults are least-disruptive to normal play:


  • Option to disable animated textures (higher fps)
  • Option to disable items attempting to stack (higher tps)
  • Option to disable some entity-pushing (higher tps/fps)
  • Option to defer client-side lighting updates when a block changes (higher fps)
  • Option to make fewer entities render when tightly packed (higher fps)
  • Option to reduce AI tick rate (higher average tps)
  • Option to force fast or fancy leaves (higher or lower fps, respectively)

Non-configurable logic:

  • 1.8 style occlusion (higher fps)
  • Generally more efficient AI logic (higher tps)
  • Non-pushable entities do not attempt to be pushed (higher tps)
  • Faster chunk lookup (higher tps)
  • Faster lighting updates (higher tps/fps)
  • The logo is a large black T on a white background. This is to be blamed on jadedcat.